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50 control points - Up to 3 years warranty - Delivery fast
50 control points - Up to 3 years warranty - Delivery fast


These days, few companies, schools or administrations can afford to spend large sums on hardware. Most IT departments are faced with the challenge of providing more with less. When you invest in IT, you need to make the right choices from an economic point of view, without compromising the performance and quality you need. So there are two crucial factors you need to respect: don't pay too much, and above all don't pay for things you don't really need. That's why buying a batch of reconditioned computers is the solution of choice for your company or school. It's a simple and sure way to combine productivity and savings!

As we all know, a batch of refurbished computers costs less than a batch of factory-furbished computers with the same features. So why pay more when you can pay less? You should know that, as an expert in computer hardware, our store is able to offer you the most competitive prices. best used computers for sale. Our refurbished PCs are equipped with high-performance processors, so you can work with complete peace of mind. In fact, each of our batches of refurbished computers has a processor, sufficient memory and storage space to run most office and Web applications. There's no doubt that buying the latest models will make your day-to-day work easier.

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