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50 control points - Up to 3 years warranty - Delivery fast
50 control points - Up to 3 years warranty - Delivery fast

Our strengths

Why choose a refurbished professional PC?

You may be thinking that it might be better to buy a new laptop because it will last longer and it is guaranteed.

In reality this is not the case.

Indeed, new PCs called "family range" offered in supermarkets are generally of very low quality and not very durable.

At PC-Occasion, we only offer professional equipment.

What is meant by a business laptop?

It's a PC that's made to run much longer than a mainstream laptop.

Indeed, these pro machines are made for example to turn in offices where very often they remain lit all day.

They are generally equipped with shells that are much more resistant to blows, shocks or even liquid-resistant keyboard systems.

Benefits :

- Resistant shell in magnesium fiber or aluminum

- Reinforced metal hinges

- Matte screen, more restful for your eyes

- Reliability and longevity

- Better ventilation and heat dissipation

Why aren't these laptops frequently found through traditional media stores?

The answer is simple, the high price in nine makes them not very affordable machines for individuals.

This is where comes in, indeed, we recondition these professional machines from computer parks in order to offer them to the general public at the most competitive prices in Belgium.

Here are the different stages that the material undergoes:

1. Testing hardware components and refurbishing if necessary

2. Internal and external cleaning and dusting

3. Reinstalling the operating system with COA license and latest updated drivers

All our laptops and desktops have a standard 2-year warranty (MAC 1 year), extendable to 3 years.

*Accessories such as the charger or the battery are not taken into account in the warranty, in fact, the battery is a consumable and its premature deterioration can be caused by non-compliance with the charging cycle. Contact us for advice on this.

We offer maximum flexibility in configuring our machines to meet your real needs: adding RAM, higher capacity hard disk, SSD hard disk, changing the keyboard or operating system in any language, creating a restore disc and/or drivers.

If you do not know which machine to choose, contact us specifying your needs and the use for which the machine is intended, we will therefore try to offer you the best possibility(s) so that it corresponds to your needs.

We will also be happy to answer all your questions because we are passionate about our job and try to maximize the satisfaction of our customers by guaranteeing quality equipment and after-sales service.