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50 control points - Up to 3 years warranty - Delivery fast
50 control points - Up to 3 years warranty - Delivery fast

Buy with confidence!

Not confident buying refurbished online?

Let us convince you (and even send you pictures if you're not)!

.It's good for the planet

Before arriving in totally immaculate stores and all clad in glass, smartphones, computers and other digital terminals have traveled thousands of kilometers and have known a production chain that " runs on fossil fuels ": the mining of components (the best known of which are rare metals ), assembling the finished product thousands of miles away and transporting it to the place of sale. No wonder then that manufacturing a 2 kg laptop emits 103 kg of CO2, out of the 156 kg emitted over its entire life cycle .

Like any industrial product, PC needs a lot of materials for its design :

600 kg of raw materials are mobilized for a 2 kg laptop.

Despite what we too often believe: it is the manufacturing phase that is the heaviest in the carbon footprint. So, you can always turn off your computer at night… The truth is that its carbon footprint is already 79% burned when it leaves the factory .

The use phase accounts for 16% of the digital device's carbon impact.

In short: the best gesture for the digital planet is to extend the life of its equipment ! Yes : keeping your PC longer is green . Reconditioning or repair saves greenhouse gas emissions.

.It's good for your wallet

What is the difference between a used and refurbished device?

They are two completely different concepts .

A used laptop changes hands as-is, while a refurbished model is refurbished first.

In the case of reconditioning, parts that no longer work properly or show signs of wear are replaced.

A refurbished computer is a device that can be purchased without spending a lot of money . Indeed, it is sold cheaper than a new computer. It is safer than a used computer and its various components are well controlled.

With a refurbished computer, you are sure to use a PC capable of lasting over time. In fact, a refurbished PC can easily last up to 7 years on average, if properly maintained.

At we only offer professional PCs .

A business PC is a PC that is designed to last much longer than a consumer laptop.

These PCs have many advantages in terms of quality : resistant hull in magnesium or aluminum fiber, reinforced metal hinges, matte screen more restful for your eyes, reliability and longevity thanks to the high quality of the components, better ventilation and heat dissipation

More info here

.Superior quality

Products of superior quality and an aesthetic appearance close to new

The PCs offered on comply with very strict specifications and have a very high quality aesthetic appearance . Usually very close to new.

Which guarantees you, no big blows, big claws and scratches right in the middle of the screen!

These devices being reconditioned, they may nevertheless show superficial traces of use, mainly related to their inputs/outputs in their carrying cases.

If you are not yet convinced, do not hesitate tocontact us by email or WhatsApp and we will send you the real photos of the device you are interested in.

You also have the opportunity to come and see, touch, and choose your modeldirectly in store.

.a guarantee of up to 3 years

Most of our devices are guaranteed for 2 years (some 3 years, MACs 1 year)

In the event of a glitch, returned devices are always given priority treatment, which guarantees you a return trip including repairs of a maximum of one week in general.

Need to reduce this time? Do not hesitate to come directly to our store in Tubize and you will be immediately taken care of.

.a local business, since 1989 is a service offered by SRL Ordigestion, established since 1989 in Tubize.

We've sold tens of thousands of PCs and repaired just as many!

Thousands of customers trust us, why not you?