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50 control points - Up to 3 years warranty - Delivery fast
50 control points - Up to 3 years warranty - Delivery fast

PC-Certified Pre-Owned Label

Premium certified label

Our “PC-Certified Used” label:
The assurance of a premium reconditioning

Buying a refurbished PC labeled by PC-Occasion means being sure that your PC has benefited from a rigorous selection process, resulting from advanced checks and tests.

The reliability of our computers will guarantee your peace of mind!

Our "Certified Refurbished" PCs are:

  • Checked on more than 50 points
  • Thoroughly cleaned outside and inside
  • Guaranteed 2 years minimum and can benefit from an extension of guarantee up to 3 years

Controls and tests of labeled products:

Refurbished PCs labeled "Certified Used PC" are systematically checked on more than 50 points in order to comply with our very strict specifications, at the hardware (hardware) and software (software) level. If necessary, if certain elements of the PC do not give complete satisfaction in terms of operation or cosmetics, these are replaced by original spare parts.

General control

  • Visual inspection of the external (cosmetic) and internal part of the PC
  • Control of the PC cabling (connections, physical state, connectors)
  • Checking the status of components and peripherals (laptop slab, keyboard, hinges, optical drive, hard drive, SSD, sound card, graphics card, memory, processor)

Thorough check of the hardware part (hardware)

  • Laptop power supply control (Power / voltage test)
  • Keyboard check (verification of the physical functioning of the keys)
  • Processor check (Stress-Test)
  • HDD/SSD Control
  • RAM control
  • Graphical control (stability and temperature check)
  • Checking the charge and autonomy of the laptop battery
  • Checking the operation of the laptop charger (verification of electrical operation and charging of the battery).

In-depth control of the software part (software)

  • Formatting all hard drive data with Blancco software
  • Complete reinstallation of the operating system
  • Reinstallation of all the drivers necessary for the proper functioning of the PC
  • Checking and updating the operating system and drivers
  • Installation of a complete suite of free and royalty-free software to ensure immediate commissioning of your device:

Openoffice (Office suite), 7zip (Zip/Rar/...) compression/decompression, Adobe Reader (PDF), Thunderbird (E-mail client), Microsoft Defender (Windows integrated Antirivus), Google Chrome (Internet browser), VLC (Media Player),fszThe Gimp (image editing and retouching)

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